Where i can use Prepay to secure my payment?

Prepay works just like online banking, you can send to anyone, anywhere like online marketplace (mudah,carousell etc), online gaming and when you dealing with online services where you need to pay your money in advance.

My shipment was lost/damaged during delivery by Prepay Courier, What should I do?

Every courier delivery has been insured with amount up to RM200, contact us to proceed for a claim.

My damaged shipment valued more than RM200, is there any premium insurance?

Currently we are not supporting any premium insurance. But, premium insurancce will be available to our users soon.

Which courier company Prepay is using?

For now we only support Pos Laju. Soon, all the other couriers will be integrated into our system.

Can I use other courier that not listed by Prepay?

Yes, but we might not be able to assist user if anything happened related to that courier service. User need to use it at your own risk.

How long Buyer need to confirm upon item received?

Buyer should confirm instantly or within 24hours upon item received.

What payment methods do you accept?

We only accept cash deposit(cdm), online banking and debit card for now.

How to use Cash Deposit Machine to send the money?

Choose "CDM" when you want to send the money to the Seller in "Start Deal" page. Make sure to fill in the correct payment details.

What CDM Bank you accept?

Maybank Berhad, you may refer our bank account name & number in "Start Deal".

Who pays for the service fee?

Service fee can be fully paid by Buyer or Seller or 50-50 from both parties (Fully paid by Buyer as default).

What item is liable for protection?

It should be legal by Malaysia's law & not delivered to Buyer in condition as promised by Seller.

Can I use Prepay for illegal activities?

No. We are comply to Malaysia's Law.

I've done payment through online banking, but payment status still fail.

You might be not fully completed the payment process. Send us an email/whatsapp/livechat to for us to verify the payment and approve it from our system.

I used CDM and deposit more than the product amount.

All remaining amount minus service fee will be transfer into Seller account. We not liable for any excess payment made from Buyer.