Dispute Policy



Prepay", “Us” or "We" in this Privacy Policy refers to Asia Prepay Sdn Bhd (Company No. 1308177-A).

Merchant refers to Seller during the Transaction.

Customer refers to Buyer during the Transaction.

User refers to both Seller & Buyer.

Transaction refer to the transaction between Seller and Buyer.

Escrow refer to Prepay escrow service.

Inspection period refer to period (24 hours) where buyer need to examine the merchandise/domain(s) after receipt.


At times Prepay transactions (escrow) can have issues, whether it be goods damaged enroute, goods not arrived or the items not being as describe when they arrive. If there is a disagreement when using Prepay service, you’re supported by Prepay customer service who is available to provide dispute resolution. This ensures that both parties can negotiate and effectively resolve their dispute.


The process for the dispute resolution is a formal process, so both buyer and seller receive the support from the neutral escrow agent (Prepay) so that their transaction can be revoked and funds and terms be agreed upon during the dispute process.


Step 1 - Rejecting the goods / service If a buyer receives the goods and is unhappy with the items (which not as described within inspection period), they are within their right to return the merchandise by him or herself and request for the funds to be returned. During the resolution process, both parties have 48 hours of arbitrations upon shipment received by buyer. After this time, the case is closed and the refund is made (fewer fees) to the buyer after shipment has been successfully shipped.


Step 2 - Returning the goods to the seller If goods or services are rejected by the buyer, the fee for the escrow service is still held by Prepay2u.com for the transaction. When the buyer rejects the item, they agree to promptly return the goods to the seller, and the buyer is liable for all shipping and insurance costs during the return process.


Step 3 - Seller confirms the goods have been returned once the goods have been shipped and returned by the buyer to the seller, a number of steps need to be confirmed ahead of the funds being released. The seller should acknowledge the receipt of the goods and a receipt of shipment should be received by the escrow service to prove that the goods have been returned.


Step 4 - Once goods are returned, the payment minus escrow fees are returned to the seller as the transaction has taken place and an escrow agent has been engaged throughout the process, 100% of the escrow fees will be retained by the escrow service.


While rejecting of shipped goods is not common, this service allows further protection for buyers and sellers in the transaction should goods or services be received and notes as not as per transaction agreement.


Fees are set based on the value of the item, and buyers and sellers can purchase and transact with ease. Throughout the process, Prepay2u.com hold the payment until the goods are approved, adding an extra layer of support and confidence to the buying and selling process.


Prepay2u.com adds an additional layer of safety to your online transaction so you can buy and sell with 100% confidence.


To find out more about how you can be protected by dispute resolution during your escrow transaction, speak with the team from Prepay2u.com today or read more in our terms of use section.


How Buyer’s or Seller are’s refunded?

In the event of a cancelled transaction or disputed transaction, the Buyer's or Seller’s funds will be refunded back to the original source of the payment method used to pay Prepay2u.com (Non-online banking user need to provide a local bank account). Prepay2u.com charges fees to refund via local banks is RM3. The original escrow fee is also non-refundable.


How does the Buyer decline or reject items sent by the Seller?

During the online Inspection Period, the Buyer would click on "Cancel Deal" on the Transaction Detail Screen.


At that point, the Buyer is responsible for returning shipment to the Seller using a trackable shipping method. The Buyer's refund is processed only after the Seller confirms receipt and acceptance of the returned items in the same condition it was sent.


What if the items are damaged during shipping?

Receiver must immediately report the damage to the shipping company and to the sender. This is because some shipping companies have a time restriction within which such a claim can be filed for compensation. The two parties must promptly establish the proper procedure for filing a claim and submit all available proof. If the merchandise was insured, and a claim filed within the required time frame, the compensation may include the shipping cost. Prepay2u.com will continue to protect the funds in escrow while this is resolved. Please be aware that the receiver of damaged merchandise should not re-ship the item as this will, in most cases, void the ability to file a shipping claim. Our assistance will only covered for those who are using our Prepay courier service.


How do Buyers or Sellers cancel transactions?

Prior to the agreement of terms by both parties, the Buyer or Seller can cancel the transaction by clicking the cancel button on the transaction detail (Claim Deal/Deal History) screen.


What if there is a disagreement during the transaction? What is dispute resolution?

If the dispute not come into conclusion within 48hours from the “start deal” date, Prepay is authorized to close the transaction and refund the Buyer, less any related fees & compensation to Seller if Prepay deemed necessary.


Does Prepay decision or judgment is absolute upon investigation or dispute resolution?

Yes. By using Prepay as your transaction platform, you agree to follow & accept the result and decision that was made by Prepay in order to solve the dispute between users.